Paul Bellamy


Paul is the newest member of the Dancefest team, and is very pleased to have landed his role as their new administrator, organiser and tea-maker!

Originally trained as a primary school teacher with a specialism in music and singing, he taught for many years in schools in Warwickshire and Worcester, before landing a job lecturing in Singing in the Performing Arts department of a local college.

Since leaving the profession 2 years ago, Paul has discovered a new-found passion for organising other people and their offices (a lingering remnant from his primary classroom days no doubt) and has worked for several local companies and businessmen, ensuring that the wheels of commerce run smoothly and that everyone can find their files and emails.

A committed tea-drinker and solver of Sudoku, Paul loves nothing better than organising filing cabinets, creating flow-charts and databases, and generally keeping the paperwork under control so that everyone else can get on with what they're good at, and in this capacity, he hopes to become a indispensable part of the Dancefest Family, at least until they find someone less hairy.

Paul is in the office Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-4pm and Tuesday & Thursday 9am-2pm.